Jim O'Gara, M. Mus., NCTM, LMBT

"A couple of car accidents and other injuries have given me chronic pains and limited range of motion for decades. I was recommended to get some deep tissue massage for my back and shoulder, and Jim O'Gara has really done the job. Sometimes I think you have to have a male massage therapist with the strength to sustain the massage technique and relieve the really tense deep-layer muscles. Jim has found and fixed muscles I didn't even know I had. Thanks Jim! "

– Mack Arrington, PCC, ICF Certified Business and Personal Coach  www.mackarrington.com

"I visited Jim O'Gara after being diagnosed with severe tendonitis in my left shoulder.  I was in constant pain and completely sidelined from normal activities and exercise.  Jim's massage treatments helped immediately.  I found the weekly sessions with Jim to be an excellent compliment to the physical therapy program prescribed by my doctor.  Jim also taught me a few self-massage routines that I could do at home to help relieve my pain.  I am forever grateful for his assistance!"
-Jenny G., High Point, NC   

"Wow, where do I start?! Jim is very talented – the head and neck work was down right masterful. He had my complete trust. The pressure was great – not too much at any time.Jim has soft hands and arms. I liked the bit of oil on each finger. And the feet!! The heel up to the toe hug is a signature move! He found my back knots better than all before. I savored every moment. I've had a lot of massages and I don't ever remember a better one than today. Thank you, Jim!" – Susan C., Hoboken, NJ

"I am a Licensed Massage Therapist myself and have had a lot of massages. Jim's work shows a much deeper understanding of anatomy than others I have been to. I have chronic hip pain and his work alleviated most of my pain. He is personable and actually listens to his clients needs (more rare than you think). If you have had bad massages in the past, I recommend Jim's - you WILL NOT have a bad experience with him!"

-Roy Alderman, NC LMBT # 7515  www.alderman.massagetherapy.com





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