Jim O'Gara, M. Mus., NCTM, LMBT

Athletes, are your workouts making your muscles sore?

Lifters, pull a muscle in your back that you just can't reach?

Runners, shin splints killing your run?

Musicians, having numbness and pain in your hands
from playing your instrument?

Jim O'Gara LMBT #8676, an expert in Pain Management, Trigger Point Therapy, and Repetitive Strain Injuries, can get you back to peak performance without pain.

Call 336-337-2995 or email jimogara@massagetherapy.com to make an appointment.

Rates:  30 Mins - $45,  60 Mins - $65, 90 Mins - $85

Outcalls add $20 for travel and setup

Spring Special:  $10 off first massage, (when booked through me)                                           Block of 4 1hr massages just $275

Sunday Special: 60 Min Massage just $65 for Sunday appointments.

In Jamestown:

102 Newberry Ct.

Jamestown, NC 27282





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